ENVY MAX Collection


ENVY MAX Collection 


The ENVY MAX Collection features vinyl siding available in a series of realistic wood colours, created through leading-edge MAX-3 technology.

MAX-3 technology adheres three layers of materials, each with different properties, using a triple-extrusion technique. This process creates attractive and exceptionally resistant siding - so resistant that it easily rivals metal. In tests of impact resistance and material resilience, the results for MAX-3 siding are three times higher than the typical norm for vinyl siding.

ENVY MAX panels are lightweight, easy to carry, and even easier to install. In fact, no special tools or treatments are required, so you can install this vinyl siding on your own at any time of the year.

Digital printing technology and specially designed panels provide the ENVY MAX Collection with a remarkable likeness to natural wood.

ENVY MAX features a "paintbrush footprint" that looks natural and, at the same time, allows water to flow freely. This reduces dirt build-up on the surface of the façade, so these panels do not require any additional treatments or regular maintenance.

Product properties

High resistance to extreme temperatures – very high and very low

High resistance to mechanical damage; three times higher than the accepted standards

Extraordinary wood-like finish

“Paintbrush footprint” structure prevents water accumulation and keeps the siding cleaner for longer

Resistance to UV radiation

Lock and panel design adds increased resistance to strong winds

Easy installation

Maintenance free

Easy to maintain clean

Ideal cover of the façade insulation

Lightweight – facilitates installation and simplifies the construction process

Facade ventilation

Resistance to pests and insects

Environmentally friendly, 100% recyclable


Impact resitance test


Available colours

Oak Oak