estilo a MDF baseboard


quality and beauty combined with functionality

estilo is not only an attractive baseboard. It also belongs to a whole new category in the world of MDF baseboards. Innovative installation and wide selection of accessories ensure functional finishing that looks great.

In fact, estilo is the only product of its kind to be fixed directly to the wall by nails, screws, staples or plastic plugs. As a result, installation is fast and solid, with no need for mounting clips, thus creating DYI experts all around.

Innovative, tested worldwide, estilo baseboard offers an original design and durability. In addition, Vox's state-of-the-art printing technology results in a unique naturalness and fidelity of available colours and grains.




estilo baseboards and their original design are protected as registered industrial designs. Applications have been made for their protection as trademarks.

Their unique shape and design influence the excellent functionality and clearly distinguish from the competition.

   estilo E101   estilo  E201    estilo  E301   estilo  E401
E101 E201 E301 E401

Product properties

Fast and easy installation by nails, screws, staples or plastic plugs

Flexibility allowing attachment to slightly uneven walls

Channel for cables, a first in North America [max.15W (30-42 VDC)]

The firts baseborad featuring ready finishing elements

Resistant to impact and dents

Moisture resistant (shape never changes) and easy to maintain clean

Quick installation


100% recyclable