VOX Capital Group

GVOX Capital Group was established in 1990. It consists of the fast-growing companies: Meble VOX, Drzwi i Podłogi VOX, Profile VOX. The companies rank high in the construction industry and interior design. Thanks to modern technology, experienced and skilled staff, collaboration with renowned designers and research institutes, they offer outstanding products distinguished by high quality. The companies forming the VOX Capital Group offer customers a complementary range of materials for construction and finishing of flats, houses, and for interior decoration.

Meble VOX – marka należąca do czołówki producentów mebli w Polsce. Firma współpracuje z projektantami przy tworzeniu kolekcji mebli oraz artykułów dekoracyjnych. Meble Vox oprócz oryginalnej stylistyki cechuje funkcjonalność, bezpieczeństwo i wysoka jakość wykonania, którą potwierdzają atesty, certyfikaty, a także nagrody i wyróżnienia przyznawane w konkursach i na targach. Sieć salonów Meble Vox to ponad 100 salonów w kraju i kilkudziesięciu za granicą. Eksportowane są do 36 krajów.

Profile VOX - is a leading manufacturer of PVC profiles with a wide range of interior and exterior wall cladding, soffit lining, window sills and skirting boards and flooring profiles, which are popular on the market. The basic product range is completed with Globalwood solid wood flooring, floor panel underlays and ceiling systems.

Drzwi i Podłogi VOX – the owner of the nationwide "Drzwi i podłogi VOX" and Majster Plus networks, which sell goods to the largest, reputable manufacturers of construction and finishing materials, particularly doors and floors. The "Drzwi i podłogi VOX" network has approx. 60 outlets across the country.

Vox supports young artists and is an art patron and sponsor of many cultural events. This function has been performed by the Vox-Artis Foundation for Promotion of Contemporary Art established by the Capital Group in 1997. The foundation's collection includes valuable paintings and sculptures by contemporary Polish artists, which are exhibited to a wide audience, by lending works of art to institutions, businesses and museums.

The company also seeks to act as socially responsible organization and engages in charitable activities. On the initiative of Vox, the Talenty Scholarship Fund was established. Its goal is to help highly talented young people from the deprived families.