System SOLID


Inspired by original architecture of Western and Southern Europe

Solid facade boards are modern facade covering inspired by facades of monumental buildings, which can be found across Europe.

Solid Brick is board which perfectly simulates the brick. Its shape and colour resemble medieval walls.

Solid Stone is version of boards simulating stone used for building walls, which can be found in Southern Europe.

The product combines aesthetics and functionality.

Allows you to quickly, practically and economically arrange beautiful facade of any building.

Solid Brick panels are resistant to impact, do not deteriorate under the influence of changing weather conditions and if correctly fitted ensure proper ventilation of the facade of the building.

Product flyer

solid ulotka we

Product properties

Aesthetics – true imitation of natural materials

Latest technology

High impact strength

Easy installation


Easy to be kept clean

Resistance to changing weather conditions

Moisture resistant

Enables proper facade ventilation

Perfect thermal insulation properties

Lightweight which facilitate installation and does not burden constraction

Environment-friendly product, 100% recyclable

Patented product

Guarantee of quality for years