How do we recruit?

Recruitment process at our Company is subject to special care, as we strive to build up a team of the best specialists.

Internal recruitment

If a new employee is needed, at first we verify predispositions of the already employed. Internal recruitment provides an employee with opportunities for professional development and to make use of his experience. An employee who is familiar with organisation is able to get engaged in new duties much easier than persons from outside the Company. Promotions and transfers favour bonding with the Company and integration with other employees.

Candidates database

If none of our employees has adequate qualifications for the position, we reference to our candidates database. This database includes documents we receive in reply to our recruitment advertisements and offers incoming, regardless of current recruitments.


Our advertisements are usually placed on popular Internet portals and in local media. Documents we require for recruitment process are candidate's letter of motivation and CV.

Recruitment interview

Selected candidates are invited for recruitment interviews. The interviews are carried out by our HR Department and supervisors directly interested in recruitment, i.e. Directors, Managers, Heads of Departments, where a potential candidate may be employed.

Verifying professional predispositions

During recruitment interviews the candidates may be verified for professional predispositions. We also check references of the candidates on basis of the submitted recommendations, assessment centre and assignment tests.


Decision on employment is taken collectively by: direct supervisor and director of a division, where a candidate is to work, on basis of recommendations by the HR Department. All persons, the applications of whom have successfully passed through the next recruitment stage, are informed on that.

Looking for job?

If you are interested in working at our Company's production department, please send us an e-mail at::